Got Paid? A Smart Way to Invest Your Stimulus Package

I woke up this morning and realized that I received some money. In a way, I am super happy for those who need it the most. After receiving this money that I’ve heard about for the past four weeks, I thought about smart ways I could use this money including spending on food, bills, and additional needs. However, I considered the possibility of how I could better use this money towards my future.

The first thought that came to mind was investing in myself. It’s not common for us to receive assistance from the government. Since my time in the working world, I don’t think I’ve ever received money like this. It was quite a culture shock.

Nevertheless, I am going to express what I think is the smartest way to invest your money. After spending it on the super necessary things, I considered spending it on myself including my education. I’ve been yearning to improve my skills.

Investing in Education

Education is going to increase in demand. This is because more employers are searching for skilled workers that can help give their company exactly what it needs to improve. Furthermore, different fields will open up because of this crisis. Honestly, after the realization that things will never be the same, I started looking into potential growing fields that may be starting because of this.

The medical field lasted through this time period. I considered the option of looking into essential jobs because I wanted to feel valuable in society. This is not to say that non-essential jobs aren’t important. Nevertheless, after seeing many people help others, I thought about doing the same. The medical field is recession free. Though the COVID-19 crisis is scary, the recession that may follow is more worrisome.

This is why I thought about the idea of being prepared. I want to be ready for what is to come. If this means investing more time into myself to be more skilled, I think this is the smartest way to use some of the money today.