How to Prepare for the Re-Opening

It’s like something out of a bad dream.  We want to wake up from it, but we realize that it’s not a dream.  This is happening.  While the whole world is going through their struggles, the United States is shut down to most Americans to keep them safe.

However, eventually, the US will need to re-open.  Will you be ready for when it does?  Are you confident that your job will still be there?  It’s not necessarily the case for some Americans who are worried that the world will not be the same.  We try to hold on to a bit of normal.  Being at home isn’t fun either.  For most Americans, being productive is as important as family and values.

Pay Off Your Debts

It’s definitely not easy.  I don’t think some of us can.  What I’ve learned is that I didn’t want to be at anyone’s mercy when this is over.  Since there is no steady stream of income for a lot of people, it’s hard to pay off your debts.  The worst thing that can happen is for it to accumulate.

If you’re able to pay some of it off with the stimulus checks, do it.  Once the US opens again, you don’t want to owe anyone money.  It’s including rent, credit cards, and other debts you might have.

Improve Your Skill Sets

Along with the debt, improve your skill sets.  Did you notice that there were some businesses that remained open?  It’s because they were considered essential.  The employees continued to earn an income despite the dangers.

With preventive measures, many of those workers were able to keep a “normal” life even through these hard times. Healthcare and technological businesses stayed open.   You should consider improving your skill sets and working on changing to a field that is valued in society.  Health care is at the top of recession-free industries.  There is nothing else like it.

Keep a “Normal” Routine

What is a normal routine? Do what makes you happy.    What did you do before the quarantine?  This is what you should focus on.  If you were exercising, eating healthy, and working, then continue doing this.  We shouldn’t limit our happiness based on restrictions.

There are ways around enjoying our favorite things while being safe.  Nevertheless, always take precautions.  We need to try to stick a normal routine to feel better and not live our lives worrying about what’s next.