We’re In Desperate Need of Phlebotomy Technicians. Jobs on the Rise.

“We are in desperate need of Phlebotomy Technicians.” I work in the medical field and this is what I hear daily from medical facilities.   A school can do its best to certify those who are interested, but how do you gain the interest?

This is the crisis situation we are in with the COVID-19.  The Corona Virus revealed major weaknesses in the health care system.  It wasn’t a shocker to medical schools throughout the nation who realized that health care facilities were understaffed.  This situation will worsen without proper help or staff.

The one sector that wasn’t effected with job growth was health care.  This is because it’s an essential field with or without the pandemic.  There are more people realizing that health care workers are essential and thankful for their contributions. Unfortunately, health care facilities are understaffed.

As more people are filing for unemployment and desperate to get back to work, health care continues pleading for more workers to join the fight.  The laboratories where testing is done require more hands to complete the high demand for tests for the Corona Virus.

Phlebotomy Technicians are amongst the top technicians required for lab testing and analysis. 

The real worry is the possibility of spending money while not working.  It’s more like an investment to a better future and secured employment.  For those worried about the cost of getting a certification right now, don’t be.  It’s never been more affordable than now to become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician.  It’s quick too.  It takes only 4-weeks and the cost is $800.

You can join the rising need for health care workers and professionals.  It’s one step away.