Best Summer Jobs for 2020

You’re probably wishing we were under better circumstances for the summer.  It’s true.  The summer season is here and we are stuck inside for another month or perhaps longer.  Unfortunately, the best thing we can do is to find ways to make our time productive.  It may seem like an impossible task.  There are plenty of businesses that aren’t open or hiring right now.  I’ll be first to admit that I am worried about the employment world. This is because, as places remain closed and the economy is on shutdown, we are going to need to be patient with the resources available to us.  I decided to make a list of places that are hiring and how you can feel more secured for the summer.

The good aspects of these jobs are that they are growing steadily and haven’t faltered despite the economy being on a standstill.

Certified Home Health Aide

There is no doubt that many people have heard of caregivers or home health aides. This job is never going away.  When I say never, I am being honest.  You can check every corner of the globe.  As people who are sick and older need that extra care, they need the personnel to care for them.  This is one of the industries where robotics are not going to address the growing problem.  With that being said, consider this as an alternative career.

Certified home health aides are irreplaceable in society.  In other words, jobs are everywhere.  It’s a good job for the summer.  You can consider the possibility of becoming a home health aide a part-time or full time.  Additionally, there are more people understanding the value of the work.  Home Health Aides can work in hospitals, nursing homes, and at-home care.  They have flexible schedules especially for those who have families.  It’s a win-win.  A license is a nice back up to have.

Phlebotomy Technician

COVID-19 is a nightmare.  However, there is nothing can we do.  The health care workers on the front lines are testing people consistently.  This means that Phlebotomy Technicians are needed in a vast majority of areas including laboratories.  To meet the demands of testing, more centers are recruiting Phlebotomy Technicians to assist them with testing.  I’ve visited AcuLabs and Quest recently.  They were sending Phlebotomy Technicians to homebound patients who require testing.  I was told how significant the technicians are to the field.  Their numbers are low, and they require more Phlebotomy Technicians as we speak.

The summer plans to be focused on testing.  This will require more professionals at hand to assist with the growing demand.

Medical Office Specialist

If the need was desperate at home health aide and phlebotomy tech jobs, you have medical office specialists that are in-demand too.  This summer job is a diamond in the ruff.  When I tell people what Medical Office Specialists do, they are stunned.  They are stunned because of the situation they are in right now.  There are more medical offices that require people to be specialized and knowledgable in these areas of expertise.  While being experience is good, there are more places that are requiring people to have the certification to back up their experience.  It’s important to be certified because it allows you to show your credentials up-front.

For this summer, consider looking for a Medical Office Specialist job.

Medical Billing & Coding

There are millions of insurance claims being made per day.  This is due to the Corona Virus and testing materials along with extensive medical treatments.  Medical Billing & Coders are needed across the nation to assist with ensuring that the compensations are met.  Medical Billers are an essential part of the medical team.  It surprises me how many people are unaware of how valuable Medical Billing & Coders were.  There are countless places that need specialists to help them with the day today.  If you are searching for a remote, stay at home job, look no further.  This is a must-have job for the summer.