Education Gives People a Purpose

How can education give people a purpose? Education should prepare young people for life, work and citizenship. Having knowledge of how people live in the world, how to work with society, and how to keep positive are critical to all three purposes of education.

Influence to Success in Life

Critical thinking, creativity, interpersonal skills and a sense of social responsibility are all influence to success in life, work and citizenship. For example, uninformed disengaged citizens lead to poor policy choices that impact life, work and citizenship.

Key to Knowledge

Having the knowledge of how people live in the world, how to work with society and how to keep believing in yourself are important. The key is to identify the learning behaviors which students should be engaged. Some tips how students can be engaging are asking questions, carrying out plans, analyzing thoughts and interpreting them, and more.

Education is a Preparation for Learning

Moreover, teaching to develop students’ expertise to apply these practices improves them on how to work with society. Furthermore, since the social and technological context is constantly evolving, education for life, work and citizenship cannot just focus on what is already known and how we live now. Therefore, education should be a preparation for future learning.

In conclusion, education gives people a purpose of living their lives fully, working with society and how to keep being positive.