Earn a Salary Remotely with this One Trick…Shhh..It’s a Secret

If you clicked on this blog post, good!  I won’t waste your time.  I have a solution for you especially if you’re stuck at home.  For people like me, I have to stay active or I get bored. Additionally, I like to earn extra money while at home too.

I have done everything including resources for passive income like selling items online or providing affiliate links for Amazon.  It’s an endless stream of possibilities.

However, there is one specific remote position I had that set everything apart.  It was a steady income with nice benefits and I could work from home.  I don’t regret my decision.

The one stable job that I encountered though was being a Medical Billing & Coding Specialist.  It’s one of those secret jobs that people don’t know about, but it’s out there and pretty good too.  I am sharing this secret with you because it’s helped me through this quarantine.

Medical Billing & Coding is a Secret 

What is Medical Billing & Coding?  It’s a secret.  I call it a secret because when I tell my friends about it, they have no idea what it is.  Have you gone to a doctor before?  Are you insured?  The thing is most don’t understand the process of how claims work.

This is where a Medical Billing & Coder comes in!   They assist in ensuring claims are properly processed.  You receive medical care and the medical team receives their reimbursement.

It really is that simple.  What I like about it though is that many places supply you with a laptop and let you work from home.

The salary isn’t that bad either!

Salaries for Medical Billing & Coding Are…..

This is the question I receive most of the time.  The average salary for a Medical Billing and Coding specialist ranges.  I met specialists who earn more than $60,000 especially if they own their business.

It ranges though.  It can be anywhere from $35,000 to $60,000, but the perks are endless.  I like the fact that, especially if you are a mother or someone with a busy schedule, it gives you the option of working from home.

It beats being in traffic every day.  I’d recommend this position for those interested in at home jobs and like the idea of using modern technology.  It’s a rewarding position too.  There are businesses and people in need of specialists who can assist them in quality insurance claims.  It’s a serious business that requires attention and discipline.