How to Apply for Jobs during Covid-19

Ever wonder how to apply for jobs during Covid-19? There’s so many people unemployed, so here are some tips to get started.

Do Some Research

First, do some research on what kind of job or career you want to pursue. You might also want to research different cities to look at rent, recreational activities, and general cost of living to figure out where you would be happiest. Furthermore, you can ask your colleagues, and friends for connections.


Quarantine is a surprisingly good time for you to expand your network. You can research on the internet and connect with people from your college or university as well as any companies, firms and organizations that might be good places to work after graduation. Some good places to do networking is LinkedIn, Handshake, Glassdoor and more. After that, you may have to update on your resume.

Work on Resume

You may already have a resume or maybe you haven’t started on one. If you haven’t started on one, now it is the time to make one. Research online for templates. Ask your friends to help you make a resume.

If you have a resume, make sure it is updated. Updating on your resume is always important because companies review your resume to see if you are qualified to work for them. The more accomplishments you have done the better you appear to them. In addition, you’ll have to update on online profiles. Make sure your profiles are up to date on your accomplishments and free of spelling or grammar errors. You might also offer to take a professional photo to use in your profiles if you don’t already have one.

Practice Interviews

Lastly, after updating your resume, the next step is practicing for interviews. Since Covid-19 is still around, you may have to do interviews through Face Time or through Zoom. You can search on YouTube or ask a friend to help you practice interviews. Practicing for interviews is important because you don’t know what kind of questions they might ask plus being prepared for them gives you a head start.