How Useful are Certifications in 2020?

This is a great question!  I get asked this often because people are worried about investing their money in the wrong thing.  It used to be a tough choice.  Before the COVID-19 crisis, the security of the country and your choices almost felt promising.

You could do no wrong.  However, as the world is battling the virus, those stuck at home are struggling to find their path in life.  Sincerely, I am here to tell you that certifications continue to be useful.

Certifications Don’t Lose Value

They don’t.  A certification is an indication that you’ve learned a valuable skill.  It doesn’t go away.  For instance, let’s say you become certified as a Phlebotomy Technician.  You’ve earned the certification that gives you the flexibility of working as a Phlebotomy Technician.

After completing your training, it’s safe to say that certification will last you a lifetime.  If you decide to leave Phlebotomy, it won’t hurt you.  The flipside is that you can return to it if needed.  It’s an awesome fallback.

The More the Better

Ideally, this is a general rule of thumb.  It’s become the norm for 2020.  Employers enjoy employees with multiple skill sets.  The more the better your chances of landing a job and the flexibility you have in the job market.

If you are certified in Phlebotomy and EKG, you are capable of working as both.  The employers love employees who are flexible.  It gives you more credentials and leeway in the market.

Why 2020 Should Be the Year You Start

The job market is uncertain.  Economists predict that there may be another recession beginning soon.  While it is a scary thought, we can’t dwell on the future.  It’s best to do what we can today when we have the opportunity.

You should take the time to prepare yourself and make yourself flexible to the changes.  We hope that things will continue to improve.  They certainly will!  In that case, you have the opportunity to finish your year strong.  This is it!