2020 Statistics About Medical Assistants

Medical assistants play a crucial role to healthcare teams. The ever growing and changing healthcare industry has expanded the role of a medical assistant. Looking back at this year, we can see many changein the healthcare industry. You might be wondering what is happening right now, let’s take a look. 

About 46% of Employers Say Medical Assistants Have Multiple Job Roles

Medical assistants wear many hats. As healthcare organizations begin to shirt to team-based care modelsmedical assistants are often a major part of the team. Some of the roles they play are flow manager, running team meetings, preplanning patient visits and completing a number of health screenings 

Daily Tasks of a Medical Assistant
Daily Tasks of a Medical Assistant

35% of Employers Believe Medical Assistants Are Responsible for More This Year Compared to Last Year

Wearing many hats means more responsibility. Some of the skills needed included phone communications, medical scribing, and health coaching. Medical assistants often need to work at the top of their licenses and perform tasks that only they are qualified to do. 

The Number One Criteria for Hiring a Medical Assistant Is Certification

When asked, 72% of employer sited certification as the number one search criteria when reviewing applicants. As a result, certification actually outweighed any other experience when hiring a medical assistant. Certification is required to become a medical assistant. Moreover, being certified proves to employers that you have the knowledge and skills needed for the position. Learn more about our Medical Assistant Program.

Soft Skills Are Essential to the Job of Medical Assistant

The role of the Medical assistant has been elevated. As a result, soft skills have become more important. The most important soft skills as sited by employers are professionalism, critical thinking, and verbal communication skills. Reversely, these are also the skill that are most lacking in medical assistants. If you are looking to start a career as a medical assistant these are great skills to have to set yourself above other candidates.  


On Average Medical Assistants Interact With 16 Patients per Day

Most Medical Assistants interreact with about 16 patients per day. They also interact with an average of 4 providers. This level of both patient and provider interaction makes soft skills like communication important. Medical assistants often record vital signs, take medical history, administer medications and injections, and handle many other tasks working directly with patients. If you’re a “people person” — medical assisting is a great career path for you! Those who make patients feel comfortable can shine in this position.