The Value in Vocational Education

The Value in Vocational Education

Many high school students are pushed in the direction of a four-year college. However, many students do not feel that college is the right choice for them. You may also feel this way. Maybe you are undecided on what you want to pursue in the future. Or maybe you want to go a less “traditional … Read more

Top Five Reason to Become a Medical Office Administrative Assistant

Top Five Reason to Become a Medical Office Administrative Assistant

Medical office administrative assistants work in medical offices or hospitals and perform tasks that range from recording patients’ vital signs to bookkeeping. These professionals work alongside doctors and other medical staff and are essential to the organization’s daily operations. If you are interested in becoming a medical office administrative assistant, here are some reason why … Read more

2020 Statistics About Medical Assistants

Medical assistants play a crucial role to healthcare teams. The ever growing and changing healthcare industry has expanded the role of a medical assistant. Looking back at this year, we can see many changein the healthcare industry. You might be wondering what is happening right now, let’s take a look. 

About 46% of Employers Say Medical Assistants Have Multiple Job Roles

Medical assistants wear many hats. As healthcare organizations begin to shirt to team-based care modelsmedical assistants are often a major part of the team. Some of the roles they play are flow manager, running team meetings, preplanning patient visits and completing a number of health screenings 

Daily Tasks of a Medical Assistant
Daily Tasks of a Medical Assistant

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Happy Holidays!

happy holidays

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays from us! Make sure you spend your holidays with friends and family. Keep in mind that Covid is still around so remember to wear a mask while hanging out with your friends. Frequently wash your hands as well. There are several ways you can spend your holidays. First … Read more

Congratulations Phlebotomy Students!

It’s another day of success at E & S Academy. It was wonderful to see them smile on their final day of class. Our newest Phlebotomy graduates finished their class today after four weeks of training which is a mix of clinical and online education. We want to congratulate you on your success. It’s an … Read more

Six Reasons to Start a Career in Phlebotomy

The Phlebotomy Technician are important members of the medical team. Phlebotomy technicians work in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and blood banks. The demand for Certified Phlebotomy Technicians has grown over the past few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. A phlebotomy technician is a great career path and has many reasons to start your career in … Read more