Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

Have you always wanted a job where you can help others and be rewarded for it?  The Certified Nurse Aide training program is an option for you. Our CNA course offers up-to-date information and the necessary skills for the role.  In addition, it allows you to develop a nurse aide’s philosophy and attitude that are prerequisites for a successful career in healthcare. E&S Academy is reputed for offering quality education at an affordable price.

Why Should you become a Certified Nursing Assistant in New Jersey?

Becoming a CNA is a rewarding position.  A Nurse Aide’s set of responsibilities involves providing care to patients who need assistance.  The specific role of a Certified Nurse Aide in New Jersey can vary based on the setting.  They require skill sets that are broad and focused.  After completing the CNA course, graduates can find employment in different settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, elderly care centers, assisted living facilities and individual homes.

A C.N.A plays an important role in enhancing or maintaining the quality of life by facilitating the fulfillment of the basic needs of the patient. Nurse Aides are responsible for gathering vital information about the patient’s medical conditions on a daily basis to understand what treatments will work best. Typically, a Certified Nurse Assistant works with the medical team, behind a Registered Nurse, and reports the patient’s medical conditions to a physical or the RN.

CNA Salary and Employment Prospects

There is a high demand for people with nursing skills in the United States.  For the next ten to fifteen years, Certified Nursing Assistant positions are expected to increase. A reason for this is that a number of Certified Nursing Assistants use this certification as a step to advance their careers in other medical fields such as LPN or Registered Nurse. Employment opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants continue to rise.

A Nurse Aide earns a respectable salary too. Certified Nurse Assistants in the US have a median salary of $36,000 with a job outlook increase of 20% within the next ten years. You will not have to worry about job security.

What is the Purpose of Our CNA program?

E&S Academy’s Certified Nurse Assistant program is comprised of classroom and clinical visits.  Nurse Aide curriculum typically includes practical education topics such as psychosocial care, data collection, infection control, disease processes, ethics, hygiene, and nutrition.  The C.N.A training in New Jersey is 90 hours.  The ninety hours are then split into 50/40 which compose of 50 hours in classroom education and 40 hours for clinical experience in a selected, licensed long-term care facility in New Jersey.

As a Certified Nurse Assistant’s job involves patient contact on a daily basis, our program is designed to equip the individuals with the skills, knowledge, and philosophy that such a caregiver must have.

What are the requirements to enroll in our program?

There are minimal requirements for a Certified Nursing Assistant certification which includes a minimum of a high school diploma/G.E.D equivalent, basic physical, two forms of government I.D, and your social security number.