Online Electrocardiogram Technician / EKG

As diagnostic and imaging technologies are improving, the need for skilled professionals who can interpret the results of diagnostics is increasing. Hospitals and every kind of medical facility in New Jersey with diagnostics equipment and facilities want the best Electrocardiographic Technicians. By completing the Online Electrocardiographic Technician Training Program offered by E&S Academy, you get to serve that purpose.

Why take up EKG Certification?

Any young professional who wants to become an EKG Technician can take up the Online EKG Certification offered by E&S Academy. Completing the course allows students to interpret cardiac dysrhythmia with accuracy and efficiency. The program also gives students detailed knowledge about electrophysiology, treatments for dysrhythmia and cardiovascular physiology as well as anatomy.

Why choose the online EKG program at E&S Academy?

If you are looking to become a Certified Cardiographic Technician in NJ, then E&S Academy can help you in becoming one as it is among the best Certified Online Cardiographic Technician EKG / ECG schools in the state of New Jersey. Our Online EKG / ECG certification program not only allows you to prepare and take up national EKG technician certification programs but it also prepares you for a successful career in the healthcare industry.

  • A student wanting to become a Certified Cardiographic Technician in NJ will gain a strong knowledge about electrocardiography as we offer 60 hours of classroom instruction.
  • Students also get to learn unit operation, lead placement, troubleshooting, analysis of EKG grid paper, recognizing EKG patterns in all 12 leads, plotting EKG axes and other such job skills.
  • Training in stress testing and Holter monitoring test is also a part of the EKG / ECG certification program.
  • All students will have the chance to take up externships to gain experience in the real world and learn more about the course from experts in the field.
  • We also offer flexible class timings so that students do not have to sacrifice on their families and existing jobs.

What you will learn in the Certified ONLINE EKG Technician Training Program?

  • Learn the anatomical structure of the heart and identify its electrical properties.
  • Identify and analyze the various components of normal EKG complex and understand proper placement of electrodes for EKG monitoring.
  • Understand various cardiovascular irregularities and assess the various sequences as well as techniques related to diagnosing arrhythmias, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Describe and outline diagnosis as well as the course of treatment for various vascular diseases.
  • Understand the mechanism behind prescribed cardiac drugs and their side effects.
  • Comprehend and understand the five-step EKG interpretation method and carry out a right-sided and 12-lead EKG.